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The NCAA Requires all players competing in NCAA certified events to have a player profile registered with the NCAA.  Please follow the information below to get your player registered.  If you already have a player profile the NCAA requires you to update you player profile every year.  If you have any issue or questions please contact the NCAA at  1-844-562-6201. 

Register here

Athlete - First Time Registration


  1. Navigate to the BBCS (

  1. Click New Athlete Account.


Need Help?
I don't know if I already have a BBCS account, or what my account information is. Should I create a new account?
Can I use the same email address for multiple BBCS accounts?

  1. Enter and Confirm your email address.

  1. Click the check-box and complete the Captcha to confirm you are not a robot.

  1. Click Send Email.

  1. Access the email account you used to start your BBCS account to get your Verification Code.


WARNING: The BBCS will only allow an email address to be utilized on one account. If the email address entered is already used in the BBCS or Eligibility Center, the email you receive will not contain a verification code but instead will advise you the email address you entered has already been used.  If the parent wants to use his/her email address for access to the PSA account, but the parent is also a coach, the parent CANNOT use the same email address on the PSA's profile.  Additionally, a different email address will need to be used for each sibling account.

Need Help?
I didn’t receive a verification code from the Eligibility Center; what should I do?

  1. Enter your Verification Code.


  1. Select a Security question and enter a Security answer.

  1. Enter and Re-type a password.

  1. Complete the fields in each section; Basic Information, Contact, and Schools.

  1. Save when complete.

  1. DON'T FORGET THE BBCS! Return to the BBCS by clicking the BBCS button. If you have left this screen you can navigate to and click Login or use the link in the reminder email.


  1. Select your I live type and enter your Lived at address since date.


NOTE: Athlete should add ALL addresses of residence for the current year that the PSA may use to participate with a team. The PSA's eligibility to participate is dependent on the address type and address location(s) entered when creating the profile.  Click Add address to add any additional addresses.

Need Help?
What "I live" address type should I choose?

  1. In the Contact Information section, select the Number Type that matches your number from the dropdown.


  1. Complete the Parent/Guardian Information section.

Note: You must first indicate whether the number provided is in the US (Domestic) or a non-US; this will determine the format required in the phone number field.

  1. Review and acknowledge the Attestations listed. Confirm understanding of each attestation by checking the box next to each statement. When the last box is checked, a final Terms of Use and Privacy Policy statement will appear.

  1. Click Submit Registration.


  1. If successful, you will be directed to your new BBCS account and a message will appear in blue at the top of the screen.


  1. If you chose one of the following address types, you will need to upload documentation by clicking on the Add Documents button in the My Address Information section.

  • At a Boarding School

  • With a Legal Guardian

  • With a Host Family

  • Other

Documents uploaded should validate/prove that the address is compliant with NCAA requirements to allow the athlete to utilize that address for participation with a team.

Need Help?
Athlete Address Requirements and Documentation of Proof Flow Chart
What documents do I need to upload because of my address type?

  1. Review the educational courses provided by clicking the hyperlink(s) in the My Course Information section. Click the check-box to certify completion of each course.


  1. Complete the School Information tab.

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